Post Modern Mindset (#3)
We’ve looked at giving an answer for the hope that lies within and the exclusivity of Jesus. The next issue we would want to understand is the motivation for sharing this hope. Yes I believe it must be driven by obedience (Heb 5:9) but I think there is something else that refutes the “Post Modern Mindset” in our practical theology. If you as a believer knew that a building was burning down and you had the opportunity to rescue the people in the building, wouldn’t you go try and at least tell them the building was burning down. Would it be arrogant to go tell them the truth because you knew the building was going to and is burning down? Maybe (and yes all analogies break down) all you could do was tell them and they had to respond, but wouldn’t you at least tell them? Would you be responding in love if you just internally said “well I don’t want to offend them because I seem like “a know it all” or they won’t believe me anyway? No, if somebody were going to die in a building burning down you would and should do everything within in your power to warn them… if you love them that is! That would be the loving thing to do. I like Spurgeon’s response, “if people are going to go to hell let them at least have to climb over our cold dead bodies as we’ve tried to warn them” (loose paraphrase). If the people’s response would be “you are being so judgmental” wouldn’t you at least still try to warn them to flee the building? In case you’ve been duped into believing there’s no rush or perhaps the building isn’t burning down, you’ve bought into the lie. THE BUILDING IS BURNING DOWN. The Post Modern mindset is convinced that somehow we’ve gotten to this point where we are so smart that God must answer to us. Let me remind you “severely”(that’s my best attempt to “to whoever has ears to hear…listen”) how this isn’t the case and the present situation of an unbeliever is precarious at best. Look at the facts: first off, the last time I checked EVERYONE is one breath away from eternity, so time is definitely of the essence and secondly all who are not saved by faith in Jesus finished work on the cross ALONE will die dead in their sins separated from the Father (aka hell) for forever. This makes our message urgent and necessary. Do not be duped into believing time is not critical nor is it not loving tell people the truth (to give the people hope in light of their sin). This leads us to this week’s verse:

“And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment” Heb 9:27

The enemy has spun his web that complacency is bound with humility. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone is a breath away from judgment. It is neither humble nor loving to stand idly by while people die and go to hell. Granted you can’t make anyone do anything but if I understand the great commission and even a cursory reading of Ezekiel 33 we’ve been given a message and with its urgency comes culpability. May we share and live this message with the utmost urgency.